Featuring The House Rabbit - Gem
Featuring The Rabbity Rabbits - Larry & Lizzy
Featuring The Cheeky Chooks - Captain, Sky, Boss & PipSqueak
Featuring The Gerby Gerbs - Titch, Mitch & Patch
Featuring Rescued Rat - Billy Boy
Featuring Rescued Rat - Psycho Bob
Remebering The Rotten Rats - Tom, William & Harry
Featuring The Tropical Fish/Plant BioSystem
Featuring The Pond Fish - Mo, Goldy, Dot, Madge, Tinka Tinka & Leaf

Launching by Summer'20, the all new Pet Keeper WebSite

This site will be dedicated to tracking the lives and the care of the various small animals, bantams, bees and fish that we keep as pets and with over 55 years experience of keeping and breeding them, it is hoped that the site can be a very useful resource for others, keeping or hoping to keep pets in these categories.
House Rabbit, Outdoor Rabbits, Buff Plymouth Rock Bantams, Golden Tench (Tinka Tinka), Tropical Fish, Cavies (Guinea Pigs), Gerbils, Docile Honey Bees and Tame Pet Rats will all be part of the coverage on this site, with stories from the past and present included.